Specializing in anatomically-correct barefoot trimming and composite horseshoeing for horses in Central Texas.

Alison Swift realizes that hooves are one of the foundational supports of your horse's health and performance. She aims to balance, give comfort and protection to hooves using traditional wisdom paired with modern, high-tech products.

Scoot Boot Performance Hoof Boots

Applying balanced, anatomically-correct trims to keep your barefoot horse sound on terrain. I improve and maintain the health of your horse's natural hoof.

Protect the natural hoof in a way that lets it continue to function like a bare hoof. Custom fit, reusable many times and they stay on. Great for performance riding horses and therapeutic application. Cost is the same as steel shoes in our area.

Scoot Boot Hoof Boots

I'm Your Texas Scoot Boot reseller! Fitting services and sales. Schedule to have your horse custom fit and try the boots. All colors, gaiters, and mud straps.

Alison Swift provides an array of modern hoof care services so your horse can stay "Swift and Sound!"

She's is an avid equestrian and always seeking knowledge, education and experience in search of better ways to apply modern science to traditional hoof care.

Professional Member of the AFA and the TPFA.