Scoot Boot Hoof Boots

Hank in Scoot BootsHoof boots are a removable solution for extra hoof protection during performance use or when necessary for therapeutic hoof rehab. They are very helpful for Texas horses due to our rocky landscape and used most by Endurance riders, Trail riders, Eventers and Jumpers.

Scoot Boots are known for their simplistic design using flexible materials so its "The Closest You Can Get to Natural" while still having hoof protection. They are made in Australia and offer excellent customer service.

Scoot Boot Sales and Resale: (We're the 1st Dealer in Texas!)
Scoot Boots are $190/pair 

COLORED front straps in stock!

*NEW* Scoot Boot Slims available!
New LARGER size 9 available! 
Scoot Boot Glue-on Boots!

(Proper fit is crucial! Please request a fit kit to try the Scoot Boots on for size before ordering with me.)

Fitting/Sizing using Scoot Boot sizing shells. (On-site fitting locally) Fit Kit mailing to anywhere in the USA. Contact us for payment through Facebook. 

Trim counseling to promote fit/hoof health available by email or fb messenger by viewing your horse's hoof pics.

Parts & Repair for Scoot Boots: 
Exclusive colored straps (red/orange), endurance gaiters, replacement Hardware, new hoof pads, new pastern strap lock, & other new Scoot Boot accessories coming soon!

Instructions for New Endurance Gaiter

*Whoops! Did you order the wrong size before fitting? I can help. Contact me!

Why "Scoot Boot" brand Hoof Boots?
I use Scoot Boots because they are simple, effective, and affordable. Because of their simplistic design, they do not have the problems that other hoof boot models have. If your horse has a healthy hoof shape the boots will fit comfortably and will NOT twist, come off, hit from over-reach or cause rubbing. They are easy to put on and take off with your hands. They are designed for performance use, but have been used successfully as therapeutic pasture boots for certain hoof conditions.

Endurance Horse wears Scoot Boots
Scoot Boot Benefits:
Flexible Durability and Traction: The hoof cup allows the hoof to flex as needed, without twisting, and is durable and gives great traction on hard terrain, rocks and wet surfaces.

Excellent Drainage: entire rear of boot and center slits in front are open to drain sand, water, debris.

Excellent Heat Dissipation: Vent holes on both side, open rear, and front openings allow the hoof to stay cool and breathe.

Easy Application and Removal: It takes merely seconds to put over your horse's hoof and close three flexible straps. 

Minimal Hardware: Straps design makes boot secure but won't easily catch on objects. Less moving parts means less to break, repair, or lose on the ride.

Scoot Boot Fittings: to find the proper size, adjustment of the pastern strap and whether the addition of hoof pads would be beneficial or not. Scoot Boots fit most healthy hooves, therefore I'll explain what's needed to help your horse's hoof fit best.

Price: Scoot Boots are $190/pair.

Texas Scoot Boot Fitting
Hoof Boot Uses

Performance Uses: 
Protect the barefoot hoof from excessive wear.
Prevent injury from solar impacts/rocks/terrain.
Shock absorption and terrain barrier for thin, bruised, or healing soles/hooves.
Commonly used for Trail Riding, Endurance, Eventing, Arena Jumping...
Hoof Therapy 
Protection from debris/moisture during hoof treatment/healing, for instance: thrush or abscess.
To give protection while adjusting to going barefoot after pulling shoes.
To stimulate the frog, sole and circulation while protecting from the terrain.