Saddle Fit

I specialize in Treeless Saddle Fitting. 
I believe that a properly fit treeless saddle for the horse and rider combination will be the most comfortable for the horse to carry a rider. 
It's our responsibility to balance and support ourselves while riding and not rely on the hard surfaces of a saddle with a tree to do the work for us- this always compromises the horse's comfort and biomechanics, due to the rigidity of the tree.  
A horse's back moves too much to expect a treed saddle not to cause a compromise in the horse's body. The horses I've ridden go better in a properly fitted treeless saddle than in a properly fit treed saddle.

Keys to Treeless Saddle Use: Proper saddle pad cushioning, spine clearance, seat bone padding, rider skill/balance, and horse's topline health and biomechanics is crucial for treeless saddle use. 
*MYTH-BUSTER: The proper combination of these elements will not cause pressure points, rubbing, or lack of support. 

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(Treed saddle fit analysis and shimming available.)

Check out these Treeless Options & Shim Pads: