Hoof Trimming

Let's keep those performance barefoot hooves balanced and healthy! Schedule your horse, pony, mule, donkey or miniature horse. 

Hoof Trimming Service includes
+ Consult: Send pics & video and let's go over things.

+ A patient approach to ensure your animal feels safe and happy while being trimmed. (Plus, treat rewards for their enjoyment.)

+ Hoof mapping with Before & After Pictures (to monitor patterns, balance, and improvements.)

+ Healthy-hoof diet, care, booting and handling information available.

+ Metal shoe removal and transition process available. Composite Horseshoeing offered.

Hoof Trim Fee: $50 in my service area. I do travel farther for a small fee.
Cash, check, credit, Venmo, Zelle, Paypal, Sqaure, etc.

Recommended Trimming Schedule: 6 weeks typically
+Composite Horseshoe application for extra protection and comfort.
+Hoof boot sizing or modification available. 

Horse Owner/Handler Responsibilities
+ Until a routine and relationship is established, please be present at your horse's trim appointment.
+ I'll be on time for your appointment and expect that your horse is caught and ready for his trim.
+ Make any cancellations more than 24hrs in advanced please.

Horse/Human Safety
Please disclose all concerning behaviors so we can form a plan for success before your appointment. It is expected that your horse is safe and well-behaved for his hoof trim to include:
+Ties or stands politely with a handler. 
+No biting, no pattern of kicking/striking/pawing at humans, no falling down to avoid hoof care.
+Accepting touch of hindquarters, tail, legs, hooves, flanks, and belly- safely and predictably. 
 * An additional "special handling fee" of $15 will be applied for horses requiring special handling or harsh leg pulling from farrier stances.
 * Horse Handling & Acceptance Training information brochure is available on request.

Our Hoof Trim Philosophy
Hoof care is simple and easy, as long as we try to achieve balance and avoid a "dogmatic approach". 
I don't harp on "diet" and I don't talk down to you because you don't do it all my way.
There are many things that affect hooves and a personalized approach to your horse's hoof trim is best and includes your feedback and preferences.

There are many tools and paths to achieve a balanced, healthy hoof, but its my priority to ensure your horse is sound and comfortable after each trim, while moving towards the goal of naturally maintained, healthy hoof. Each horse is different- there is no standard trim. Let's figure out what works best for your horse's lifestyle and needs.

As a TACT-trained Professional & Mentor,
My trim aims to support... 
Alignment of the hoof capsule and internal bones.
Symmetrical balance and weight support on the hoof.
Proper blood circulation in the hoof capsule.
A healthy hoof wall connection and internal tissues of the hoof.
A functional sole and frog and bars, without removing needed callous and protective tissues .
A strong heel buttress under the leg to serve as a base of support.  
(*I do not follow the Strasser 30-degree hairline method, ABC or the Wild-Horse-model/Mustang trim method because it does not support alignment with an anatomically aligned and function of the hoof.)

Common issues like thrush, white line disease/syndrome, wall cracks and chipping, abscesses, weak digital cushion, tender-footedness, laminitis, navicular syndrome, bruising, sheared heels, low heels, etc. will be addressed through the trim and specific solutions will be offered.

For horses requiring complex corrections and intervention, immediate comfort and soundness for recovery is foremost while we explore and plan for a long-term solutions.
Barefoot Horse Hoof Rehab

Hoof Care Education
The Anatomically Correct Trim (TACT) Method, and method of Hoof Mapping, Mentor Level
Member of the Texas Professional Farrier's Association