Equine Osteopathy

I am a student of Equine Osteopathy at The Vluggen Institute for Equine Osteopathy and Education earning the certification to practice Equine Osteopathy as an EDO®.

"Equine Osteopathy is the specific application of the principles and standards developed in human osteopathy, translated, adapted, and modified to the special structural and physical needs of the equine."

As an equine osteopath, I work in conjunction with horse owners, trainers, riders, veterinarians, farriers/trimmers, saddle fitters and nutritionists to help the horse to restore balance and harmony in his whole body and systems, resulting in a naturally healthy equine or athlete.

* Until full certification is achieved, I'm booking osteopathic evaluations for range-of-motion and practice adjustments as a "practicing student" at an extremely reduced fee. 

This evaluation will identify areas of imbalance and restriction as well as restore the harmony in the joints and balance as a result of the normalization ("manual maneuvers, stretches, adjustments, releases") of the areas. 

You may find your horse to have better mobility and range through his joints and movements, become better balanced under saddle and on a circle, be able to response quicker and more consistently to your aids, and generally feel much more comfortable in his own skin. 

Call for more details. 
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