Composite Horseshoes

Composite horseshoeing is a minimally invasive and least-harmful way to protect the hoof over a growth cycle for...
Performance horses moving over rough terrain,
Horses growing newly-balanced hooves or recovering from founder, 
Thin soles, injury or transitioning out of metal shoes or other therapeutic uses.

As technology has advanced, so has the science behind composite horseshoes and their application.  The hybrid-composite horseshoe I use easily outwears metal 4:1, stays on, and comes off without damage. They can be reset, custom shaped and modified. They absorb shock, have excellent traction and great sole coverage.

Explore the convenient advantages of a shoe that allows the hoof to function as if it were barefoot but with the protection your equine athlete requires. Its a win-win! 

2020 Pricing
Half set: $110
Full set: $165
Equipment is $20/shoe